Hi, I'm Jaco Joubert.
I'm a front-end developer with a love of design and accessibility based out of Toronto, Canada.


A collection of things I have built and experimented with over the years.

Range slider

A super polished and accessible range slider. Some of the features this slider supports:

  • Click on the bar to set the value.
  • Click and drag anywhere on the bar to drag the closest knob. Sometimes we mis-click the knob. This range adapts and helps you out.
  • Drag a knob past the other knob's location. It can be annoying having to adjust the knobs in the correct order. Now you don't have to.
  • Use the arrow keys to adjust a knob's value by one. Need to go faster? Hold shift while pressing an arrow key.
  • Use home/end to set the knob to its min and max values.
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A side project that I launched at the end of 2008 that is still going strong.

It is an online ticketing platform with over $38 million in sales to date. The project consists of a marketing website, event management app, check-in app, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Exploration of what a city building app may look like. CityAction attempted to make the city application process and records more accessible to the public. Largely a failure, it did spawn the idea for analyzing building occupancy via lights.