Hi, I'm Jaco Joubert.
I'm a front-end developer with a love of design and accessibility based out of Toronto, Canada.


Are Condo Units Really Sitting Empty in Toronto?

An investigation into the claim that thousands of Toronto investor-owned condos are sitting empty.

Originally published on MoveSmartly, this research has been subsequently picked up by the media and was featured on the front page of the Toronto Star, CBC, CBC Radio, Zoomer Radio, and several others.
Since then Toronto city council has studied how to structure a vacancy tax. The tax itself is currently awaiting a vote later in 2020.

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EmberUI Buttons

The button design makes use of color to distinguish between primary (blue) and secondary (white) styles. The secondary button should be used by default. Only when you need to emphasize an action or draw attention to it should the primary button be used. A save button is a good example of this...

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Building compelling interfaces on the web is a painful process. Form elements are very limited in their capability and usability. There are many widgets to extend the basic form elements, but they are painful to use and frequently don’t work as advertised...

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